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Epic Games' Free Game Frenzy: Worth It?

Since its launch in December 2018, the Epic Games Store has tried to entice users by giving away normally paid games for free. On an initially biweekly and now weekly basis, the user merely needs to claim the game to gain access for the lifetime of their account. I find it fascinating the company can afford to do this, so I want to analyze it from different angles. What is Epic Games' goal in all this, and are they achieving it? Continue reading...

Hulu's 396p Problem

I recently tried out Hulu for the first time. Though it falls a bit behind competitor Netflix in terms of name recognition, it has a decently wide variety of shows, especially ones normally locked to mainstream TV networks. However, I have a major problem with it that I want to publicize. Hulu deceptively advertises the service works in all modern web browsers, which is true, but is limited to a painfully blurry 396p resolution. Continue reading...

iPad has a mouse pointer. That's a big deal.

The latest update to Apple's iPadOS brought full mouse support to the iPad, and the newly revised iPad Pro will be available with a keyboard + trackpad attachment. But why has it taken a full decade to support this well-established feature in the world of computing? Continue reading...

Laptop Overheating

Laptops have come a long way over the last several years in terms of both performance and portability. But with more processing power comes more heat, so recent gaming computers are being forced to engineer innovative, compact cooling systems to keep up. Continue reading...

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iOS app built at BrickHack 6 that combines augmented reality and location data to display names of buildings on the RIT campus.

So Cool Bus

iOS app and website that powers a smart ice cream truck. Track the bus on a map and request it to come to your location.