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Welcome! My name is Bradley Klemick and I am currently attending Rochester Institute of Technology, majoring in Computer Science. I have a natural affinity for exploring and learning how computers work. I am passionate about helping others and truly appreciate the positive impacts I can have when engineering solutions using technology. Life presents challenges, but I like to point out the bright side in every situation. Curious minds like my own must be constantly adapting to the latest developments, as computers are rapidly changing virtually every aspect of our society. I look forward to helping shape a future in which people are less likely to be frustrated and afraid of technology.


I find it incredibly interesting to analyze the latest happenings in the world of technology and its myriad effects on our modern society. My primary goal for is to share some of my thoughts about these topics with others and, hopefully, foster conversation. If you would like to help, I would appreciate if you followed me on Twitter. My hope is that my work here on can benefit others, such as by me sharing my honest opinion in buying guides.

Aside from those goals, provided me a great opportunity to learn and practice a range of technologies including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on the client side, and PHP (framework), MySQL, and Linux on the server side.

Other Projects

My experience does not stop at For several years now, I have provided computer-related support, including setting up and upgrading hardware, diagnosing software issues, and building projects including apps and websites.

In 2014, I began to teach myself the basics of iOS development in Swift using online resources. Once summer came, I had the amazing opportunity to put my novice skills to use and develop an app for my second-grade teacher, who was opening an ice cream truck dubbed the So Cool Bus. In addition to designing a website for the bus, I worked with my client to design an app that allowed its users to track the So Cool Bus on a map, request the bus to come to the user's location, and even be notified via push notification when the bus comes nearby. This functionality also required more use of PHP and MySQL on the server side of things.

In the summer of 2015, I opted to learn Android development with Java to ensure I had mobile development experience on both sides of the playing field, so to speak. I was again able to use my skills when I built both an iOS app and an Android app for a local orthodontist, Ai Orthodontics. It includes a range of features to help patients access and remember their treatment instructions and to communicate with the doctor. The following year, I helped a local dentist, Dr. Wright, build a website to develop a web presence in today's ever-more digital world.

Another project I was particularly proud of was Auto Home Access Center, an idea I worked on starting in 2015. I found myself having to periodically waste time refreshing the page to retrieve my latest grades. I used my knowledge of PHP scripting to create AutoHAC, which sent me a text message every time a new grade was posted. I quickly realized that some of my fellow students might also benefit from my program, so I configured it to allow some of my friends to sign up. A few weeks later, I was surprised to find that many students I did not know were signing up! It was featured in the school newspaper, and some teachers began recommending it to their students. Over its life of 4.5 years, a total of over 200 students used AutoHAC, and I think it genuinely helped many of them stay on top of their grades. I was truly gratified to have created something helpful.


I am currently a third-year student at Rochester Institute of Technology. RIT is a nonprofit private university located on 13,000 acres in Rochester, New York. It has approximately 15,700 undergraduate and 3,250 graduate students. I am majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Mathematics. Relevant courses I have taken include:

While I am always excited to pick up new technologies, ones I have already experience with include:
Python, Java, C, C#, JavaScript, Swift, PHP, HTML, Git, MySQL, ASP.NET, Xamarin, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android

Work Experience

Computer Aid, Inc., Allentown, PA. IT / Software Development Intern, May - August 2019. Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY. Student Lab Instructor, August 2019 – Present.

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