About BradzTech

Welcome to my website,! I created this website to share my knowledge of technology with a wider audience than I would otherwise. I currently do this by periodically blogging about my latest technology-related thoughts.

My Technology Story

First, a bit about me. I always naturally liked computers, in fact, since age 2. I was always excited when I could play on the Windows XP desktop PC that is today very obsolete. Of course I used some educational computer games, but I also would sometimes "play around" in Microsoft Word, which strangely captivated me. A few years later, I began using a Windows Vista desktop PC. I quickly became accustomed to making DVDs with Windows Movie Maker, ripping music off CDs, and making presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint, while still very few if any of my friends from school could. I quickly realized that I knew more about computers than most kids my age and began putting my knowledge to use by helping my teachers out with their miscellaneous computer problems.

At one point, I received my first Apple product: an iPod Touch. I was impressed by its functionality and subsequently began to learn about iOS, Apple's mobile operating system. As the years passed, I continued to self-teach myself about Windows, and the need for another computer arose. Honestly, I was rather dissatisfied with Windows Vista. After doing some research, I decided to give a Mac a try. Boy, am I glad I did. I still love my iMac which hardly seems old after three years. It converted me into a Mac person and an Apple fan.

Since then, I continued to explore my Mac's abilities. I additionally began to dabble in programming and scripting. I found that I definitely enjoy this type of work, as it puts my mind to work and allows me to make my computer even more useful. All the while, I helped out my family, friends, and other acquaintances with their miscellaneous computer problems. More than once now, I aided friends in fixing crashed PCs that won't start up. I've also worked on DVD slideshows and other multimedia projects on the behalf of others. I discovered that in addition to liking technology, I greatly enjoy helping others.

I am currently 16 years old and am a junior in high school. I feel that age doesn't play a major role in deciding how knowledgeable one is about computers. I hope my content on BradzTech appears professional enough to effectively conceal my age.

My Goal

As I mentioned earlier, the main reason I own this website is to spread my knowledge of technology to others in an attempt to help them. Through the power of the Internet, I hope to help more people than merely my personal acquaintances. If you have any computer issue and/or a suggestion for something you want me to write about, I'd be happy to assist you as a valued visitor. Please let me know on my Contact page.

Currently, my website is under construction, so the following paragraph will change very soon.

While I plan to expand my website's functionality down the line, I currently spread knowledge on my website by blogging about what's on my mind in the technology world. Particularly, my posts tend to focus on Macs and iOS devices, as I'm most passionate about these Apple products. Don't worry, though; I mix in information about PCs and other parts of the technology world as well. If you're interested in my content, I would appreciate if you subscribe to my blog via email or RSS. I aim to create a well-designed, good-looking website that can create satisfied visitors. After all, I want to spread my knowledge but can't do so if no one visits my website!

Thanks for visiting BradzTech! I hope that my site is helpful and to your liking!